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Custom PHP Project Development

While the web is continually growing and evolving, businesses also need to grow and adapt to changing technology. Aligorex IT Services offers custom web development services that allow businesses to integrate their in-house data systems, to sync data and add dynamic content. Our team of developers build heavy duty solutions for both upgrades and projects requiring development from a scratch.

Our web solutions aim at addressing every unique business needs no matter how complex or large they are. We achieve this by making optimum use of the interoperability features of Symfony framework including symfony 1.0, symfony 1.1, symfony 1.2, symfony 1.3, symfony 1.4 and symfony 2.0 and codeigniter for PHP custom web projects. The in-depth understanding of a symfony ecosystem and methodologies helps us to deliver custom and complex web development services to different businesses.

Benefits of using Symfony framework in custom web development for your business include:

  • Faster development process due to reusable components, your business is up and running in a short period of time.
  • Easy to maintain and upgrade eliminating complexities that would otherwise have led to high costs.
  • Scalability allowing to adjust to changing demands It is equipped with the latest technology, it means that you stand ahead of the game in business.

The Codeigniter framework helps us develop websites from the ground up as per your exact requirements. Codeigniter is popular for its ability to run on any web server, not to mention it complies with Model-View-Controller (MVC), a software architectural pattern for implementing user interfaces for web Applications.

If you are looking to start your journey with a custom web development project, we can build it for you. Contact us today.

Our works

Corporate and self care portal development.

Support and development of the Russian version web site for global citizenship company.

Innovative solution for Baltic market. Bidding system when you need to deliver something

Online service to get personalized magnets. Internal project for marketing research

Development and support of the car parts ecommerce portal.

Development and support ecommerce website for Moscow based florist business

Coupon aggregator development and support.

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