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Microsoft Azure Cloud Outsourcing

Microsoft Azure Outsourcing

Aligorex IT Services is an established provider end-to-end cloud solutions based on Microsoft Azure platform. The platform helps us deliver Applications that leverage the power and flexibility of a hybrid cloud IT infrastructure. Modern businesses can tap into the power of Microsoft Azure cloud computing to reduce the cost of operations, improve time to market products/services and create new streams of revenue. Below we focus on Azure cloud outsourcing services Aligorex IT Services offers businesses.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is basically converging of businesses with their consumers, employees and technology. We help businesses with their migration efforts from traditional computing using Microsoft Azure for on-demand access to a range of software and services. Since the platform offloads complexity and burden, it helps your team concentrate on addressing the growing demand of growing Applications. In addition, your business does more efficiently without having to build, manage or maintain the data centres.

Disaster Recovery and Data Protection for Applications

We help businesses protect critical data and Applications using automated protection. We also reduce planned downtime using our customizable recovery plans that accelerate recovery during an outage. In the occasion there is a disc or server failure, Azure allows applications to remain up and running. These aspects ensures that you are always up and running, translating to continued business.

High Performance Enterprise Storage Solutions

The cost effective, high performance, scalable, Enterprise storage solutions helps in critical virtual or physical deployments. The storage solutions are scalable, an aspect that helps an Enterprise adapt to growing demands. Microsoft Azure is undoubtedly a world class cloud platform, making it a popular model for organizations. Below we look at the tremendous benefits Azure based solutions bring to your business.


Azure platform offers scalability to a business to match changing demands, meaning you never have to worry of changing demands. Costs associated with varying demands drastically drop.

Data Security

With businesses that are still weary of the cloud, Azure guarantees top notch security to businesses. Infact, it is the only major cloud service provider to adopt international cloud privacy standard, ISO 27018. As a bonus, Azure is recognized by European Union’s data protection authorities.

Cut down costs

Microsoft Azure eliminates costs associated with physically expanding infrastructure when demand changes, and also minimizes your on-premises infrastructure greatly reducing expenses.


Azure easily integrates to your existing IT environment which reduces complexity consequently reducing cost. Microsoft Azure is truly the future of cloud.


A lot of businesses are still struggling to get to terms with the benefits of adopting cloud technology. Why continue managing your own servers which is both limiting and a costly affair from changing business dynamics? If you are interested to bring a new face to your Enterprise by running it on Azure, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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