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In the modern world, technology affects every aspect of our lives; and the effects are even more evident in the businesses world. Businesses now have better communication among staff members, better management of costs by business owners and a myriad of other technological advancements that have brought about transformation into how businesses operate. Aligorex IT Services provides solutions supported by the .NET framework, not only to increase the efficiency of your business, but to also expand its operations and have overall competitive advantage in your niche. To a large extent, .NET technology helps build scalable and high performance enterprise applications. Reason? The framework offers numerous benefits to a business helping you achieve set goals tirelessly. .NET platform in specific allows us to use the least possible time in developing high-quality, robust and reliable enterprise applications for your business. Besides, there are a number of other advantages your business has over competitors when using Enterprise applications designed with the .NET framework. These include:

Flexibility and Scalability

.NET’s scalability and flexibility helps businesses cut costs associated with upgrading Applications. Reason being, it allows Applications to connect with existing systems, hence accommodate growth when business demands change. This aspect solves a major concern for most enterprises concerned about their applications not accommodating future growth.

Personalised User Experience

.NET platform is user centred and allows you to select tools you want to work with in your Enterprise. Additionally, it delivers a customizable user experience and has integrated data that works perfectly well with a range of computing hardware including Laptops, Smartphones etc. This means you can access your information anywhere, anytime.


Security is a major concern for most businesses. .NET technology has top-notch security features including code access security (CAS), validation and verification that deliver extremely secure Enterprise applications. This means, you can conduct critical business operations, transactions and other activities worry free of losing your information to third parties.

Ease of Maintenance

The easy to modify configuration settings in .NET applications allow for easy maintenance as there is no need of rewriting existing code.This is an important aspect to businesses as sometimes maintenance cost of an application can outweigh the savings.


.NET increases efficiency in your enterprise in the way you handle daily operations. How so? By allowing your business to integrate web services with your customers. The framework allows your Enterprise to create small reusable services that can be used and reused across different applications. Ultimately, your customers and suppliers can communicate with you efficiently. As the .NET technology continues to evolve, Aligorex IT Services is on the forefront of adapting the new advancements to deliver solutions to enterprises that address the ever increasing user demands. Our objective is to give Enterprises broader, richer solutions that help them deliver richer services.


You no longer have to give flimsy excuses for lack of an Enterprise application that possess exceptional functionalities and structures. Get in touch now and watch your business flourish!

Our works

Corporate and self care portal development.

Support and development of the Russian version web site for global citizenship company.

Innovative solution for Baltic market. Bidding system when you need to deliver something

Online service to get personalized magnets. Internal project for marketing research

Development and support of the car parts ecommerce portal.

Development and support ecommerce website for Moscow based florist business

Coupon aggregator development and support.

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